State of Montana Flock # MT3338

Katahdin Hair Sheep International flock ID: ROF

NSIP Flock # 640323

** All sheep at Roman Family Farms are purebred, registered Katahdin hair sheep. **

Roman Family Farms takes pride in raising Katahdin Hair Sheep to supply
commercial growers with top quality breeding stock as well as local
buyers with all-natural lamb meat for their dinner tables.  Our
continual selection of only the best for breeding stock using genetic
testing and real-world results will bring your operation higher sale
prices and reduce labor inputs to improve margins.  Our selection
criteria are based on sheep that are naturally parasite resistant and
require minimal input to thrive on pasture alone.

All Natural, Grass pastured

Roman Family Farms raises sheep on a grass based system.  Sheep are pastured throughout the growing season.  Grass hay is stockpiled during the growing season to feed throughout the winter.  Free choice loose minerals are provided for sheep at all times to meet their mineral needs.  No hormones, no antibiotics, just all-natural grass fed lamb.  Sheep that are not able to thrive in this system are culled.

Breeding / Lambing Schedule

Breeding season is late fall.  Lambing is scheduled for March through April each year.  Lambs are weaned and available for sale beginning in July each year.  Top breeding stock ram and ewe lambs are posted for sale.  Lambs that do not meet the top qualifications as breeding stock are sold for quality meat.

Genomic enhanced EBV's

We are now working with NSIP (National Sheep Improvement Program) to make further improvement to our breeding program. Through further data collection, analysis, and genetic testing, we are excited to see the results available through NSIP! Begininning in 2024 we are going through all of our historical breeding records to submit data on our flock. This, along with additional data collection on our 2024 lambs onward, will allow us to make educated data and genetic breeding selections!

Buying All Natural Lamb Meat From Roman Family Farms

Lambs for meat (market ready lambs) are typically available each year. Target live-weight for meat (market) lambs is 100-125lbs live-weight, which typically produces around 30-45 lbs. of quality, all natural lamb meat once processed and wrapped for the freezer.  You can purchase market lambs early summer to raise and finish on your own, or purchase late fall (if any are still available) to take straight to your favorite butcher shop.  Meat/market lambs are $200 per lamb on a first come-first-served basis.

Sheep Transport, Import/Export, Permits, etc.

We are happy to work with your needs for exporting sheep out of Montana to your state, including arranging certified veterinarian inspections, export permits, etc.  Local delivery to either your ranch or home, or local butcher/processor is available.  Please contact us with your specific needs to make arrangements.